Why Blogger’s Need A Mailing List

Let’s make an assumption that you have no plans to monetize your blog at all (though I can’t see why you wouldn’t) and let’s further assume that you have no plans to promote a business with it either. Let me tell you right now that you still need to have a mailing list and the reason is very simple… you will build a list of loyal fans!

I can here you saying I can build a veritable army of fans on Facebook and huge numbers of Twitter followers as well as generating a lot of RSS subscribers but the difference with a mailing list is that you won the list. If your Facebook page or Twitter account is shut down, which is something that you have absolutely no control over you lose those connections. Even if you manage to get you account re-instated those followers are gone… probably for ever! As for your RSS subscribers, you don’t even have the ability to access them in any way other than through your blog posts!

On the other hand, a mailing list is totally exportable meaning that should the worst happen and your mailing list account is closed down you will still have your contacts information making it very easy to continue from where you left off. The likelihood of losing you mailing list account is slim (unless you are a spammer) but the point is that you can, and should, take regular backups back onto your computer.

Another point to consider is that those who make the effort to sign up to your mailing list are those who are your most devoted followers. After all they are the ones who invited you into their e-mail box! You are able to send surveys to them, as an example, and from those surveys you might shape your blog going into the future. They are able to reply to your e-mails and so you are able to form a relationship with them.

A mailing list provides you with a great platform from which to promote your content simply because your mailing list is the perfect audience to promote that content to. If you consider Facebook for a moment you will find that most of your fans will not see what you post. That is because Facebook want to charge you to advertise your post to increase your reach. By comparison, your mailing list your post will go directly to your subscribers inbox (at their invitation), which gives you a far better chance of it being opened and clicked! It is not uncommon for me to have better than 95% of my e-mails to by blog subscribers opened!

There are many different ways to promote content to your mailing list. Let’s assume you are posting on a daily basis for a moment. One way to promote your content is to e-mail every day promoting that day’s post. An alternative method might be to e-mail once a week summarising and promoting all the content for the previous week. If you are posting to your blog weekly then you could send a monthly summary… you get the picture.

Remember that promoting content is not limited to the content you create on your own blog. You might be contributing posts to other blogs or articles to article directories. You should be promoting that content as well. I have no doubt that the owners of the blogs to which you contribute will appreciate the traffic and it will also have the effect of increasing the image that your own subscribers have of you… you are perceived as the go to guy (or girl) in your niche!

At the beginning of this article we made the assumption that you had no intention of monitizing your blog but that may not always be the case. The day may come that you decide that you want to make a few dollars from your successful blog. Having an existing mailing list provides you with a great platform from which to launch. Talk to any blogger and they will tell you that they would far rather have 50 mailing list subscribers than 500 Facebook or Twitter followers.

The point I am making here is that despite your intentions concerning your blog the one thing that you certainly want to do is build a mailing list of subscribers. By all means use Facebook and Twitter as well (I certainly do) but remember that a mailing list is easy to set up and will ultimately produce infinitely better results for your efforts.

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