What Should I Sell?

In the past few posts I have been talking about some of the basic things Internet marketers simply have to do. In this post I want to talk about having something to sell. Obviously unless you actually seel something you are not going to make any money and then all the effort you put into building your list, posting to your blog regularly, driving traffic and all the other things is simply a waste of time.

As I see it there are two main ways to make money as an Internet marketer. You can either sell someone else’s product as an affiliate or you can have your own product for sale. Both approaches are valid and both work. Let me outline the pros and cons of each.

First let’s look at selling as an affiliate. This means that someone else owns the product and all you have to do is drive traffic to their sales page and in return you take a commission for each sale you make. This commission is usually 50% of the value of the sale. The obvious advantages are that you do not have to develop a product of your own. The big disadvantage is that you are putting in all the effort to drive traffic to someone else’s website and you are effectively growing their list. The only thing you get out of the deal is your commission.

On the other hand if you make the effort to develop your own product you can then attract your own affiliates and have them sell your product for you and grow your list for you. Obviously you would promote your product as well and so get to keep all the income generated from your own sales. The only downside, if it is indeed a downside, is that you have to give half of the income generated by your affiliates to them as a commission. I suggest that it is not really a downside as an army of affiliates will sell a lot more of your product that you alone can and as a result your bank account will be much healthier… so pay your affiliates without issue!

My approach, and I suggest the approach of almost every Internet marketer, is to do some of both. It is difficult to come up with a new product every week or two and if you could the quality would be a little suspect so sourcing good quality affiliated products is helpful as well. It is all about providing your subscribers with great value. I would not suggest recommending any product, whether your own or someone else’s, unless it would benefit your subscribers.

By way of example let me show you a product that I think would be of great benefit to you. This is not my product but I have subscribed to it, have checked it out and am satisfied that it may well be of benefit to you. It is a PLR product called The IM Rebels. It is a 30-page list building product with unrestricted PLR rights (and it is free).

As an unrestricted PLR product you can do whatever you like with it. It comes with a pre-written sales page and graphics so you could use it as a free list building giveaway without doing anything to it at all. You might re-write it, out your own name on it and sell it as your own product. Alternatively you might break it up and use the content for your own blog posts or as a basis for writing articles. You light even use it to set up a niche website, which you could monetise with Google Adsense or affiliate offers. You might like to check out the list of related posts at the bottom of this post for ideas on how to use PLR.

Because of this I am of the opinion that this is a product that might be of use to you. It is from Samantha Milner, who specialises in creating good quality PLR products. In fact I have use a number of her products as a basis for some of my own in the past and I find her material to be very good. Obviously the free product is a foot in the door allowing Samantha to offer you some of her other products but I do recommend that you get on her mailing list (by grabbing The IM Rebels) and just watching what she does… it is an education in itself. To get a copy just click on the banner below…
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