Using PLR To Create Your Own Product

Over the past couple of weeks I have been suggesting that it is not so difficult to create your own product and have demonstrated this by putting together a quick audio presentation and then followed that with a video, which was almost a quick. I thought that I would wrap up this ‘mini-series’ this week by bringing in one of my favorite tools as well… Private Label Rights material (PLR).

The point being that PLR can make the process of product creation very quick and easy because much of the research has been done for you before you even start. Of course, you will need to do your niche research to be confident that there is a demand for your final product. However, the very fact that someone has seen fit to create the PLR material in the first place would suggest that it is more than likely that there indeed is.

Using the techniques we have explored together over that past two weeks I am sure that you can see that using say a PLR e-book or a series of reports and re-purposing them into perhaps an video series is easy to do. You might decide to do exactly as I did in last weeks post and create a Powerpoint type presentation using the main points as the points on the slides to which you then speak using your own words. The final product would then be unrecognisable as the original PLR.

Then you could easily strip out the audio from the videos and create some checklists or worksheets to be packaged with the videos. In this way you would have a multi-format product quickly and simply created which would have a much higher perceived value that a mere e-book. All you then need to do is have some graphics made and write a sales page for your new product.

Even the sales page should not be that difficult as many PLR products come with a sales page which you can edit and inject your own personality into to make it your own. You could even use the very same techniques we have been talking about here to turn the PLR sales page into a video sales page quickly and easily.

Once it is all done you can upload it to your favourite payment processor such as JVZoo or Clickbank and you are good to go. Even creating a sales funnel is not that difficult. You could easily create a series of products using the exact same techniques and use them as the products in your sales funnel.

Of course, not all PLR material is articles and e-books. There are PLR video and audio products as well. These can be re-purposed as well so that the finished product is a new product that establishes you as an expert in your niche. It is not recognisable as being the original PLR product and the effort required to create the finished product is nowhere near as much as you might once have thought it to be.

What I hope I have been able to demonstrate over the past three articles is that creating your own product is not at all beyond your reach. It is not nearly as hard as you may have once thought. By throwing PLR material into the mix it becomes even easier because you then have most of the material you need to create a good product in your hands. Re-work and re-purpose it using the techniques I have shown you and you can have your own product up and selling before your know it. And, once you have done it once, do it again… and again… and again.

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