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WordPress has been a highly popular marketing tool since its inception in 2003. First introduced as merely a blogging platform it has since grown to provide the website structure for literally thousands of websites and with the host of plugins and themes available can be used for any type of site which you could imagine. Continued updates and developments will ensure that WordPress has a future that is stronger than ever.

Today WordPress has evolved from its humble blogging platform beginnings into a proven full-featured content management system. In this article I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what trends are emerging with this much loved platform and what website trends we are already seeing beginning to emerge as website owners continue to leverage off the WordPress platform.

Mobile Responsive

Almost everyone has a smartphone, a tablet or both and there is no sign that this trend is even beginning to slow down. Mobile computing is here to stay. In fact Mobile Responsiveit is quite likely that it will become the primary social device in the foreseeable future and has the potential to become commonplace in business as well. That brings with it a number of demands on any website.

Even now we are seeing many websites making to move to responsive design and WordPress sites are no exception. There are more and more responsive themes available, many of them free, and it is more than likely that such mobile responsive designs will become the default standard in the immediate future.

In addition I would expect to see more and more pressure from search engines for websites to adopt a responsive design. They could achieve this easily by scoring a website on its responsiveness and reflecting that score in its ranking. I understand that this already plays something of a role in the way a site is ranked but I expect that it will become increasingly important in the future.

Demographics Specific

Businesses both offline and on are targeting more and more specific niche markets with their brands and product offerings. The increased cost of advertising and ever increasing competition means that sellers want to ensure better returns on their investments in this area. Recent technologies and innovations such as retargeting make this increasingly possible.

As I gaze into my crystal ball in this regard I see website design evolving to encompass designs that ‘personalize’ themselves to the expectations of a specific demographic. I can envisage websites that adapt themselves in an automated fashion with region specific menus and demographically appealing fonts and colours. This is not as far fetched as it sounds. Bear in mind that you probably already have tracking in place that can tell you much about the visitors to your sites. It is not a quantum leap to take to actually use automation to adapt your site according to that information.

Including Video

Videos, inspiring pictures and appealing images are already taking a higher priority in marketing strategies. Think about your own websites. Do you use carefully chosen images? I am sure you do. Do you use video or video effects? If you dIncluding Videoon’t already the I suspect you are thinking seriously about it. Let’s face it. More and more web consumers prefer visual presentation over text when consuming content.

Even traffic generation techniques are evolving to embrace techniques that make use if video. At the time of writing this YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the web. Consider for a moment the number of e-mail offers that come into you inbox each day that are promoting the latest video tool. Once they were few and far between but now it seems every second e-mail is offering a different video tool.

Introducing Parallax Scrolling

Introducing Parallax ScrollingIf you have not yet come across parallax scrolling you soon will as it is becoming one of the hottest techniques in web design at the moment. It involves a process by which the background moves at a slower rate than the foreground In do so it creates something of a 3D effect as you scroll down the page. When overdone it can be quite overwhelming, but when used sparingly it can provide an interesting element of depth. If you want to see this in action check out this blog post from Creative Bloq.

Not surprisingly WordPress is one of the market leaders when it comes to using parallax effects on websites with more themes being developed all the time based on the parallax effect. If you don’t believe me a simple search on your favourite search engine might convince your otherwise.

It’s On The Cards

Another revolution that is occuring is the Card Based User Interface. Again there are WordPress themes already It's On The Cardsavailable and, I am sure, many more to follow that are offering this type of interface. Put briefly the technique is to segregate the content of a site into multiple components making for easier navigation. This type of interface is ideally suited to mobile devices, which is most likely what is driving its popularity.

Microsoft introduced a card-based user interface with the new menu structure shipped with Windows 8 and again on Windows 10. Another example is Google+. If you want to see more examples check out this post from Bashooka.

New And Better Fonts

Remember the early days of the Internet. I think you had a choice of using eight fonts. Slowly more fonts have been New and Better Fontsmade available but I can only see this trend accelerating. This will be driven by some of the factors I have already mentioned such as demographic specific website design. However I think that as the demand of websites increases (as it certainly will) so will the demand of unique components for those websites such as fonts. You can bet your last dollar that WordPress will be close to the front of this push.


I could continue my crystal ball gazing an include things like a likely move away from flat web design as new technologies displace it but I am sure you understand what I am trying to say in this article. Change is inevitable and if we don’t move with it we will be left behind. It is all about staying relevant in the marketplace.

WordPress as a platform is moving from strength to strength and so is poised to remain at the front of the pack. A major advantage that WordPress offers is that to embrace many of these developments it is a simple matter of installing a new theme and making sure everything works as it should.

What do you think? What developments do you see occurring in the near future? Leave a comment and share your thoughts with us. Do share this post with your own followers as I am sure this will be of interest to them as well.

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