The Importance Of Keeping On Top Of Things

I have just spent an hour or so tidying up a few things on this site. It is so easy to just ‘let things ride’ rather than keeping on top of small issues as they pop up. I have been very busy lately and that, combined with the fact that my regular schedule has change significantly recently, has put pressure on me to get everything done that I normally would do. As a result several small issues have popped up on the site here and I have been tardy in catching up with them.

One of these issues was with the pop-up advert that I have on the site. It is set to pop up once every seven days but the graphic on the pop-up was not displaying at all. The effect was that visitors to the site could not see the pop-up but could not see the content on the site either. I was still actively sending traffic but those efforts were totally wasted. When I finally took more than a passing glance at the analytics for the site I realised that something was wrong and the fix was very quick and simple.

The lesson here is that you do need to keep on top of things… especially when your normal routine changes. Normally I work to a checklist that details all the tasks that I need to complete each week. This checklist defines when I plan to complete each task and I ‘tick’ them off as they are completed. As you may be aware I am a long distance truck driver as well as an Internet marketer. Recently my job has changed and I am now running at night instead of during the day. As you can imagine this is a dramatic change and it has impacted everything that I do.

The reality is that I need to adjust how I do things and make sure that everything still gets done in a timely manner and with the same accuracy and precision as always. This will be a short post but the lesson I have been dished out this week is a valuable one and well worth sharing with you so that you can learn from it as well. None of us likes to admit any sort of failure or shortcoming but the lesson is too valuable to just let pass without comment. After all, this blog is all about my journey and this is very much part of it.

So now I have corrected the few small issues that have been able to interfere with the normal operation of my business. More importantly I have updated my checklist to better reflect my new driving schedule and the demands that it places on my time. As always it comes down to self-discipline to make it actually work but the main thing is that a workable system is now in place… I just have to make it work!

Have you had any similar issues? If so let us all know by leaving a comment. As always, feel free to share this with your own readership.

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