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Mialie IskeIn today’s post I want to introduce you to a brand new product just released by Mialei Iske called 6-Hour e-book. It is a product creation course that stands out from all others in that it presents the steps to producing an e-book in a completely different order to most.  A full time writer, Mialei reveals her formula to writing an e-book in no more than six hours… and all from scratch.

Mialei’s approach is certainly unique and came about as she was battling on a daily basis with to the dreaded writer’s block that is all to well known to many of us. Her business is to write on a variety of subjects for her clients who operate in many different fields. As she gained experience she discovered easier ways to write without the hassle of constant revision and as a result began to enjoy the process of writing.

It is Mialei’s contention that all too many writers try to start writing immediately the topic has been chosen. Writer’s block occurs because the author’s mind has no supporting information and that the blank page before them is a reminder of the thoughts that have not been nurtured and matured. Then to compound the issue the clock keeps ticking and becomes a reminder in its own right – a reminder that the author usually has a timeframe to adhere to and that they are looking a blank page instead of being productive. I am sure that all of us have experienced that panicked feeling of having to write from an uncooperative mind.

This is the very process that led Mialei to ask herself if there was, in fact, an easier way. She looked seriously at many different ways to both research and then to organise material into manageable segments. Instead of writing pages and pages full of text, she made the process easy for herself and understandable for others.

With the release of 6-Hour e-Book Mialei is willing to share the helpful techniques that she has discovered and refined. This is a step by step course that will help you discover ways to make your own writing flow freely from one thought to another. Let’s take a quick look at what’s included in the 6-Hour e-Book.

Mialei has included many valuable tips and tricks to help you in making your writing efforts easier. The course is supplied in two different formats (written and audio) and shows you how to move through each stage quickly. In fact, I think you will be quite surprised just how much work you can get through following each step in 6-Hour e-Book. Just be sure to check out both formats to make sure you don’t miss out on anything that Mialei has included.

I am particularly impressed with the way that Mialei presents her personal approach to each aspect of producing an e-book especially when it comes to things that might be considered common knowledge… nothing is left out. Writing does not have to be difficult is Mialei’s message. Be prepared to discover new ways to write that you probably have never considered before.

The great thing about 6-Hour e-Book is that the principles apply in so many different settings. Perhaps you are a teacher, maybe an up and coming writer or a professional in almost any industry you care to name. Consider what it would mean to you and your own productivity if you knew you could write an entire e-book in less than a day! I am sure you will just love the creative ideas that make perfect sense from the moment Mialei reveals them to you.

There is online access to the entire course online as well as the ability to download the e-book, audio, mindmaps, worksheets and checklists. This means that you have quick access to refer to the relevant part of the course for quick and easy revision. The audio version of 6-Hour e-Book contains extra insights from Mialei. There are visual outlines of each section of the e-book online making for a quick reference… just listen to the segment you need when you need reminding.

Want proof that it works? Try this on for size then. Mialei wrote the first draft of 6-Hour e-Book in less that a day. The method she describes is her own and so 6-Hour e-Book is a fresh, new product with an approach that is proven to work. Because she has made numbers of attempts to write an e-book in less than a day, Mialei has refined her method and how time is to be allocated to each step of the process. This leaves you free to move effortlessly from step to step. The most important thing, of course, is to complete the entire process. Do that and you too will be able to write an e-book in less than a day.

The course, as I mentioned earlier, includes a PDF e-book as well as an audio version so both readers and listeners alike will be able to enjoy the journey of discovery that is 6-Hour e-Book. It is priced to put within reach of every would-be writer. As an Internet marketer I thinks that this is a great product to consider adding to your collection. It comes with a 60-day guarantee so there is no reason not to take a serious look at 6-Hour e-Book.


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