My Interesting Day

I just had to tell you about what happened to me today.

I am a truck driver and I regularly drive between my home town of Taupo and either Wellington or Palmerston North. Both these destinations require me to cross what is known as the ‘Desert Road’. This a stretch of road (about 50 kms) that crosses New Zealand’s central volcanic plateau. It is a beautiful drive and I really enjoy it, even in bad weather!

Along the route I pass 3 active volcanoes. Usually these are dormant, covered with snow in the winter and just dominate the landscape. Incidentally I can see them from my home as well. Today was different. One of these volcanoes, Mt Tongariro, erupted today!

Sounds spectacular doesn’t it? Well, I missed it. I was driving past the mountain at the time it erupted and saw nothing. Now, to be fair to me, it was only a small ash eruption but the first I knew of the drama unfolding around me was when I heard a news update on the radio in my truck.

I had a quick look in my rear-vision mirror and sure enough there was the a huge cloud of ash and smoke and steam standing over the mountain…all very exciting!

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