Is This The Fastest Way To Monetise Your Blog?

This week I want to review a new WordPress plugin called WP Speedy Links. It was released recently with no real fuss and no fanfare but I have to say that this is, in my opinion, without doubt one of the very best plugins I have ever seen. The product developer is John Thornhill, a UK based marketer with a reputation for creating (and supporting) truely excellent products.

As marketers, we are all very keen to make money wherever we can and our blogs, usually the hub of our business, are no exception. I guess we have all played with Google Adsense and I am sure we have put up banners and links throughout our posts. If you look to the sidebar on this blog you will see that I use Affiliate Ad Rotator as well as some static banner ads. It is just something we all do. WP Speedy Links takes the process just one step further and allows you to link, automatically, in every post throughout your entire blog every single time a keyword occurs to a link of your choosing. Obviously you can specify the keyword (or phrase) as well as the link, which might be an affiliate link, a link to one of your own products or even your Facebook page or Twitter account.

In the sales page John states that you can monetize your entire blog in 10 seconds. Having tried it I can tell you that the claim is quite true and not inflated in any way. Let’s say that I want to create a hyperlink to every occurance of the phrase Affiliate Ad Rotator in every post throughout my entire blog to my affilaite link for the product. Until WP Speedy Links came along all I could do was look for every occurance and then edit the post and manually set up the hyperlink… one by one. With WP Speedy Links all I do is enter the keyword and the affiliate link and click the Add New button -done! This screenshot show you just how simple this is. is no limit to the number of links you can set up so the plugin is very useful indeed. To delete a link it is a simple matter of locating the entry in the list of links you have set up and deleting the wording in both boxes. It couldn’t be easier. To edit an exisiting link is just as simple… find the entry in the list and make your changes and it changes every occurance throughout your entire blog. It does not matter if you have just started your blog and have only a few posts or if you have been at it for years and have thousands of posts… every occurance of your keyword or phrase is hyperlinked to your chosen web address.

It gets even better! Everytime you use any keyword or phrase in any of your posts in the future they, too, will be linked to your chosen web address… automatically and without any fuss. As you look through this post you will see a number of hyperlinked keywords. I have not manually set up any of them, they have all been automatically set up by WP Speedy Links with no assistance from me (except to set the link up in the first place).

At the time I am writing this WP Speedy Links is still on a launch week special and I am not sure how long that will last but even if it were 10 times the price this is a must have plugin. So if you have a WordPress blog I strongly recommend you check out WP Speedy Links. WP Speedy Links comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so if it does not do everything John says it will do there is no risk to you! In fact, I liked WP Speedy Links so much that I bought the developer version… I can see so much potential in this plugin. It’s just a wonder that someone has not thought of this before…


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