Is Facebook About To Replace The Traditional Blog?

There is an argument that goes “I prefer to use Facebook for my marketing rather than a blog”. It is based on the observation that Facebook users tend to stay online for an average of 20 minutes rather than just flitting from website to website. It also takes into account the fact that there more than a billion active users with more than 3 billion ‘likes’ everyday… and those numbers are continuing to grow.

The counter to that argument promoted by the blogging fraternity is that with all that traffic fighting over the attention of the Facebook user it can be very difficult to successfully market a product unless you have very deep pockets to keep shelling out for Facebook ads. This week I thought that I would compare a blog that you maintain on your own hosting to being active on Facebook as a marketer.

Using Facebook, any post or marketing is bound buy the limitations imposed in Facebook’s terms and conditions. It pays to bear in mind that Facebook can (and does) change the conditions at any time and it can be difficult to adapt to some of those changes. When it come to you own blog you set the conditions and any changes you make will only be advantageous to you. You are able to create posts without deferring to a 3rd party platform in any way at all.

How about the differences between the two platforms when it comes to being found by those you are trying to market to. When it comes to Facebook all I can say is good luck. With your blog you can use all the SEO strategies such as the use of keywords, inbound links, backlinks and the like to attract the attention of the search engines and with them those who are searching for the content you are offering.

Why not try this small experiment? Do a search for content on any topic you choose on your favourite search engine. Once the results have been displayed have a look at how far down the list you have to look to find the first blog and then the first Facebook post. The results speak for them selves…

Perhaps one of the major differences between Facebook and your blog is that fact that Facebook is marketing your content while your content does the marketing on your blog. The difference is that Facebook is a social media platform whose very reason for existence is to promote the content that users post. Your blog exists to inform and, perhaps, entertain as well as promote your offerings through the content you post.

A major downside to using Facebook as you main marketing tool is that the more followers you have the faster the content zips past their eyes. In fact, under Facebook’s current policies, your content will most likely not even be presented to all your followers unless you pay to promote the post. If you don’t believe me try this out. Take note of a specific post on your timeline from someone you follow today and then come back in 2 or 3 days and try to find that post. The chances are you will be unable to find it!

On the other hand a blog post has a much longer lifespan. When you create a blog post its presence online is established permanently (unless you delete it). It can be found again and again. It can be searched for. It will be indexed by the search engines. You can find every post that I have written on this blog because they are all here… and searchable!

Have you ever tried to share your Facebook content on other platforms? How did that work out for you? Without putting to fine a point on it Facebook is interested only in Facebook so sharing between social media platforms is nearly impossible. When it comes to your blog, however, you have the ability to access as many other platforms as you choose. It might be e-mail, RSS feeds or links to as many social media platforms as you care to think of. The small floating widget you see on the left hand side of this post allows you to share this content on almost 90 different social media platforms as well as the ability to share it using e-mail.

Here is another huge difference between Facebook and a blog. With Facebook people can only get access to your content once they have ‘liked’ your page. While building a following with a blog takes some time and a lot of effort as well it pays to remember that you are promoting only your platform and only your content and the final result is that people come to your blog looking for you!

The ideal update on Facebook is about 60 characters according to most ‘experts’. A blog, on the other hand, allows you to present much richer content with far greater depth and analysis. You can enrich your content with video, audio or even links to supporting information that may be either on or off-site. This all adds up to possibly making your content more interactive and certainly more useful.

When it comes to Facebook I wish you the greatest of luck in monetizing your content. You need to bear in mind that the platform was never designed to be used as a marketing medium, rather a place for social interaction. Monetizing a blog is the easiest thing in the world to do. If you want some ideas click here to download a free copy of my e-book “Instant Ways To Monetize Your Blog“.

There are many other differences when it comes to using Facebook or a blog as you main marketing platform. I think by now you might be able to understand that Facebook is not a substitute for a blog in any way, shape or form. That is not to say it does not have its place and its uses… it is simply not a useful alternative. A blog and Facebook can work well enough together. I use Facebook to send traffic to my blog but is on my blog that I interact with those who are interested in hearing from me in terms of the various products I have to offer and the thought I have regarding marketing.

What about your thoughts? Why not share a few here and leave a comment… and if you liked this content why not share it as well?

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