I Need Traffic!

This is the cry of every website owner that ever existed. Without traffic (that is visitors to your site) then the site has no value and no use. For those of us that are using our sites to make money there is no income to be made without traffic. In fact, that lack of traffic is probably the biggest single issue that prevents many from making a success of their online efforts.

Attracting traffic to a website can be something of a challenge. So, where can you get traffic from? There are 2 types of traffic, paid and free. Paid traffic comes from sources that you have to pay for while free traffic costs nothing to attract. I use a mixture, though I have to say that I have only recently started using paid traffic.

Using free traffic is a great place to start because it costs nothing except time. Here is a list of free traffic sources that I know about, many of which I have used in the past. In fact I still use most of them.

*  Social media -Facebook, Twitter, Linked In Google+ etc
*  Search Engine Traffic – requires the use of search engine optimization (SEO)
*  Video traffic – Youtube, Vimeo and the like
*  Article Marketing – can be very effective but you do need to be consistent and keep producing unique articles.
*  Blog Hopping – leaving good comments on blogs in your niche
*  Forum Commenting – the same as blog hopping only doing so in forums. Just remember to be a part of the community, a giver not a taker.
*  Guest Blogging – writing posts for other blogs
*  Joint Ventures / Affiliates – obviously you need your own product for this
*  Ad Swaps – I’ll promote your website if you promote mine

Free traffic has one weakness and that is that the traffic is not particularly targetted. To find targetted traffic you need to apply some paid traffic techniques. Don’t get me wrong free traffic works and you should continue with the techniques that are working for you and add any paid traffic techniques that you intent to try.

A quick word about paid traffic before I give you a list of some of the most commonly used. It is a very good idea to start small and scale up only once you have found something that works. As you scale up do so slowly and in small increments. To do otherwise will cost you money and you may not see the results for your investment. That said let’s take a quick look at some paid traffic techniques.

*  Facebook Ads – very targetted and a technique that works well. Check out Facebook Traffic Rush to learn how. This is a great product.
*  Solo Ads – choose your solos carefully. A great product to use to learn how is How to Build Your List with Solo Ads by Reed Floren
*  Pay Per Click (PPC) – using Google, Bing etc. Be very careful with this as it can lose you a lot of money if you get it wrong.
*  Banner Ads – paying other website owners to display your banners

Obviously there are a lot more traffic techniques, both free and paid, but theses are some that I know about and have tried. I use a mix of both free and paid traffic, though I have to admit that the bulk for my traffic driving efforts use free traffic techniques. It is important to master a technique before you move on to the next otherwise you will use up a lot of time, expend a lot of effort and see very little return.

As you can see traffic generation is a huge topic. If you are serious about learning to drive traffic you should seriously consider using a course that will teach all you need to know. The very best that I have seen and highly recommend is John Thornhill’s Simple Traffic Solutions

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