How To Make The Best Use Of PLR Articles

As you know I am a fan of using PLR or private label rights material. It can help us produce good quality content while making the best use of our time. I know I am not the only Internet marketer in the world who also works a full time job… in fact there are thousands of us. If we were to somehow analyse the numbers I suspect that those of us who are part time would easily outnumber those who are able to make this their full time occupation.

My point is simply that we are the ones who need to find ways of using our time in the most efficient manner because we have so little of it available to us. Quality PLR material is one such time saving option and that is why I am such a supporter of it.

Private label rights material comes in many forms. You can get entire e-books, complete with sales and/or squeeze pages. There is PLR software, PLR video, PLR audio and PLR articles. In this commentary I want to discuss the most commonly misunderstood type of PLR content… PLR articles.

I would guess that most of us have got a large number of PLR articles sitting on our hard drives and little idea of what we can actually do with them. Many of us will have tried submitting them to article directories, re-written or not, an had them rejected because it was considered duplicate content. If you haven’t tried that , let me tell you that that is entirely the wrong way to use these articles. Unless you can get yours published before anybody and everybody else you face almost certain rejection. The chances of being that first person are slim indeed.

PLR articles are generally obtained as part of a membership or in a package and because there seems to be little you can do with them most of us tend to simply ignore them and use other parts of the membership or package. These articles often come in ‘packs’ based around a theme. What you need to remember is that you can then use them however you like. You are not required to provide any form of link back to the author or credit them in any way… and this makes them nothing less than gold!

So, if you can’t use them to submit to article directories as a part of your article marketing campaign (at least without totally re-writing the article) the question is, “What can you do with PLR articles?” Let me give you a few suggestions.

Use Them On Your Blog
I imagine that you are no different to me. There are times I can turn out my next blog post without any difficulty at all, but there are other times when my publishing deadline is looming large and I have no idea what I am going to write about. Is there a PLR article hiding away in some dusty corner of your hard drive just waiting your you to drag it into the light of day, polish it up and share with the world?. You might choose to use the entire article or just a portion of it. You might simply use it as a starting point and once the creating juices start flowing you might create a whole new article. Perhaps you may find you need to combine the content of two or three articles to get the finished blog post you desire but I am sure you can see the possibilities. You could use the PLR material to create a daily tip, provide an opinion, or use in your blog in any way at all that suits you.

Produce A Regular Newsletter
It may be that you want to produce a newsletter. You can use PLR articles as the basis for the content of that newsletter. Once again you might choose use the entire article or merely excerpts. You might want to combine portions from several related articles… remember you can use them however you like. Just be sure to edit the articles so that it is your voice that comes through in a newsletter that’s targeting your customers… but that is the golden rule to using PLR material of any kind.

Create A Video
Video is such a powerful tool available to today’s Internet marketers. All you need to do is create a slideshow using Powerpoint or OpenOffice Impress (which you can obtain for free), plug in your microphone and read your article and record everything using Camtasia or Jing. Upload the finished video to YouTube and send the resulting traffic wherever you want. Sounds easy? Believe me it is. You could even go out to a site like and get a fancy video intro done, add it to the front of all your videos and brand yourself.

Publish An e-Course
I mentioned earlier these PLR articles often come in themed ‘packs’. This is perfect because you can use them to quickly build an e-course. A bit of re-writing and editing to make them unique and sounding like you is all that is required. Just add them to an autoresponder  and you’re ready to go. So a series of 10 PLR articles based around the theme, “How To Make Money Online”, for example could easily become a 10 day e-course. Do you think you could sell that for $27 or whatever price you set on it? Of course you could and that is not a bad return for a series of articles you thought were of no value at all!

Produce a report
If you need a special report, perhaps as a teaser to the e-course you just created in the last point, you might combine several PLR articles together on the same topic to create it. A report does not have to be any more than 10 pages of good information. Then it’s a simple matter of setting up a squeeze page or a sales page and off you go.

Autoresponder Content
If you are like me you might like to provide some good quality free content over the first few days after someone has signed up to your list. PLR articles are perfect or this. Let me suggest that autoresponder sequences are a part of Internet marketing that many marketers simply ignore because it is so time consuming to set up. PLR helps save a lot of that time. Another way I use PLR articles in autoresponders is when I get fresh articles that I think would be of value in some of my existing autoresponder sequences I will simply add them in and so my sequences are growing all the time… and it takes so little of my time!

Create Specialist Websites
There is no reason why you could not create a niche website from the articles you have and monetize the site using Adsense and affiliate ads. In fact, if you want to get a site that does just that for free every month then check out Free Monthly Websites. Drive a bit of traffic to the site and watch the income start to flow. Imagine building a series of these sites, or perhaps you might want to flip them (sell the site). The possibilities are almost endless.

So, there you are… no fewer than seven ideas on how you can get the most out of your PLR articles and I am sure there are many more. Remember you can use the same article in several different ways. It is not a matter of ‘once you have used it once it is used up’. You could use the same article (or articles) in an autoresponder sequence and then use it again in a video that you put up on YouTube and… well you get the picture.

If you have any other great ideas why not share them with the rest of us and leave a comment. I would love to hear from you. As always, feel free to share this post in any way that is helpful to you. You might also be interested in these articles as well:

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