How I Added Over 800 Targeted Twitter Followers In Less Than 2 Weeks

I recently came across a product that claimed to be able to be capable of “adding an unlimited number of of 100% real, targeted followers to any Twitter account”. I have had my Twitter account since September 2012 and have worked on getting more followers on and off since then. I had succeeded in getting up to 1178 followers but the problem I was faced with is that so many of them simply were not targeted to what I am doing and so really were of no value to me at all.

Let me give you an example of the dilemma I faced. Everything you read about growing a Twitter account says that when somebody follows you the first thing you do is follow them back. Sounds reasonable to me so I did just that. Here’s what happened. I was followed by a musician who produced ‘beats’ (whatever that is) and so I followed him back. Next thing I know I am being followed by more and more of these guys… presumably because I was so interested in these ‘beats’. I can assure you as a 60 year old grandfather of a very conservative background this is the last music genre that holds any interest for me.

It’s not that I have anything against these guys and, indeed, I wish them every success. Rather it is that they are not interested in what I am doing and so in reality I am of much interest to them as they are to me. I had a similar issue after the first weight loss tweeter followed me… and then it was fitness and so on.

So somewhat discouraged I backed off trying to grow my Twitter followers despite knowing that I really should be working at it. When I stumbled on the sales page for this product I mentioned at the start I was somewhat skeptical but thought I had better try something to get the account up and running again. So I bought a copy, spend about two and a half hours setting it up and set it loose. The results started rolling in literally within minutes.

This screenshot is my account before I set WP Tweet Machine (which is the name of the product) loose on my account. As the name suggests it is actually a WordPress plugin which I set up on this blog. It has no impact on the blog at all. It just ‘lives’ there because it has to ‘live’ somewhere after all.

The next thing I did was work my way through the videos that teach me how to set it all up and completed each step. I found blogs that I wanted to mention in my tweets. I found YouTube channels that matched my needs, added suitable pictures, set up hashtags and added comments. Then I added to cron jobs to my hosting account to get things under way. If you don’t know what cron jobs are it does not really matter. Just understand that they allow the plugin to run when you are not actually logged into your WordPress site… and the task was literally a matter of copying a line of code and pasting it into my c-Panel and repeating that 3 or 4 times.

What WP Tweet Machine actually does from that point is to make tweets for you from the sources you selected in the set up process at intervals selected by you (again during the set up process) and to do so on complete autopilot. I told you I spend about two and a half hours setting things up but since then I have done absolutely nothing except follow back those you have decided to follow me.

This second screenshot was taken exactly seven days later. You can see that I now had 1663 followers and I had sent out some 266 tweets during that time. In reality I had sent out only 2 (I stopped almost all my usual Twitter activity to get a measure of how well this plugin really worked). WP Tweet Machine had done the rest for me without any input from me at all. That’s an increase of 485 people following my Twitter account in a single week!

Before I sat down to write this post I have unfollowed all those fitness enthusiasts, weight loss coaches and beat creators and forced them to unfollow me. As I write this I have been running WP Tweet Machine for 13 days and here is a screen shot of my account as I write this and having unfollowed about 230 followers who simply did not fit the definition of the person I wanted to attract (and don’t forget I forced them to unfollow me as well).

As you can see my followers have again increased by 335 in the past six days. That’s a total increase of 820 follower in just 13 days. To say that I am happy is an understatement but the story does not end there.

Not only have I increased my followers but the level of engagement I have seen from them is massive by comparison to what I have ever experienced before. From the time I set up my Twitter account back in 2012 until I set up WP Tweet Machine had had seen a total of 22 likes and a mere handful of retweets. I can now boast 2234 likes and frequent retweets. And the best part is that I have to do nothing at all.

Twitter, like any social network is all about content. The Internet, including the various social media platforms is full of great content. What WP Tweet Machine does is simply tap into that content and send out tweets about it… and my followers like it. I have to say that I love this little plugin. It does exactly what the sales page promised.

I will still send tweets as I have always done, just to a bigger following now. I intent to add more resources to the plugin so that there is more material to draw from and thereby ensuring that I am not tweeting the same content over and over again. I anticipate that this will be an ongoing process but it does not have to be done all at the same time nor will it have to be done too often.

The whole reason for writing this blog post is to alert you to the fact that this plugin exists and that it works. It is not often that I use this blog to recommend a product but the results I have experienced are quite spectacular and easily repeated. If you are looking to tap into Twitter as part of your marketing reach, and you should be, then you need this plugin… it’s that simple!

Here is a link to the sales page (and before you ask, yes it is an affiliate link – after all I am a marketer myself).

Please do yourself a favour and take a look at the sales page. My own experience over the past 2 weeks has confirmed that WP Tweet Machine works exactly as advertised and is therefore well worth the reasonable asking price.

By the way, if you have not already done so, do follow me on Twitter. Do leave a comment as to how WP Tweet Machine works out for you and, as always, feel free to share this article with your own readers.

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