How Do You Make Money Online?

Ask any successful marketer what question people ask them the most often and I am certain that every one of them will say, “How do you make money online?” For every successful marketer there are probably thousands who have yet to make any money online at all. So right at the outset of this article let me reveal the simple formula that has worked, and continues to work, ever since people started making money online.

Ready? Here it is. Put up an offer, send traffic to that offer and then do it again… and again. Now before you click away in disgust, thinking that I am trying to be funny let me explain it in a little more detail.

You see, the problem is that people are looking for a quick fix and there is no shortage of unscupulous ‘marketers’ with sales pages offering just that. They have this new system and that secret flaw just waiting to be exploited but the truth is that to build a successful online business you need to do just that… build it! There is no shortcut. There is no way to build a business without effort. It takes hard work and determination.

Anyway back to my explaination of the online success formula. Put up an offer, send traffic to the offer and then do it again. Let’s examine each of these steps in a little more detail. For each step there are many valid and useful ways of completing them.

The first part of the formula is to put up an offer. If you are just starting out then I recommend you give away a product for free, or rather in exchange for an e-mail address. Now, before you start getting beside yourself with worry as to where you might get such a thing as a product to give away, let me assure you it is not as hard as you might think. In all probability you already have something suitable on your hard drive. All you need is a good quality PLR (Private Label Rights) product or material that you have resale rights to that allows you to give it away and you are up and running. Personally I prefer PLR material because then you can edit it so that it does not look like an existing product by rewriting it somewhat, changing the graphics and, most importantly, adding in your own affiliate links.

It is important that the material you use is of good quality because it is your reputation that is on the line here. Good quality means well written, accurate and up to date. If you need to find some quality PLR then I recommend PLR Monthly or PLR With Sam as a couple of very good sources. You could also check out the Warrior Special Offer Section of the Warrior Forum.

Having sorted out the product that you are going to giveaway, and remember you can do this as many times as you like, in fact, the more often the better, you need to set up a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a page that offers the product in exchange for an e-mail address. Behind a squeeze page is your autoresponder which will capture and store the e-mail address for you to market to later. This simple process is called list building and is vital to the future of your business. If you need help building squeeze pages you might want to check out The Ultimate 2-Step Sqeeze Page Creator in A Box.

As your list grows you will be able to build a relationship with the people who make up your list and from that you will be able to market other products and services to them. It is a matter of first building up a good sized list and them building a relationship whereby the members of your list come to know, like and trust you so when you make recommendations they feel comfortable buying from you. But it all starts with building the list in the firstplace.

The second part of the equation is to drive traffic to your offer. When you first start out it is quite likely that you do not have a lot of money to commit to the process of driving traffic… sending prospects to look at your offer. This means that at first you are likely to look for traffic driving options that are free. The good news is that there are many ways of driving traffic, though it is also true that the quickest way is to pay for traffic. Free traffic driving techniques do work but they often attract a lower quality of lead. By this I mean that they are less likely to respond to e-mail offers and they might even opt out of your list so if this happens please don’t lose too much sleep over it. To help reduce this problem you simply have to put more effort into building a relationship with your list and if they do opt out don’t worry… just find others to replace them.

If you are looking for free traffic driving options I recommend you check out John Thornhill’s Simple Traffic Solutions. It is a very low cost product that covers all the good free traffic techniques in detail… well worth the cost of a cup of coffee! If you want to look at using social media I highly recommend a product I purchased recently called Social Fresh Start by Sue and Dan Worthington. The other technique that works really well, though not for free, is solo ads and a great product to show you how is How To Build Your List With Solo Ads by Reed Floren.

We have now briefly covered the first two parts of the formula for making money online. The third needs even less space… just go and do it again and again. Quite franly that’s all there is to it. You don’t need the ‘next big thing’ or the latest loophole in the Internet or Facebook or Instagram or whatever. Put up an offer, drive traffic to it and the repeat the process. Once your list is starting to grow send them offers as well as continuing to build relationships with them and you will make money. It won’t generally happen overnight, it won’t happen with out hard work and it won’t happen by itself but if you follow the same path to success that every successful marketer has taken you will make money. That path is to put up an offer, drive traffic to it and then repeat.

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