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You spend all that time writing great content for your blog on a regular basis and nobody pops in to have a read. Sound familiar? Trust me, we have all experienced this and there is not question but that it leaves you wondering if maintaining a blog is really worth it.

The answer is a resounding YES… it is worth it. The reason that you get no visitors is that your blog is simply another site out in the world wide web and it gets lost in the crowd… especially in the early days. What you need to do is get the word out. Let me give you four ways that you can do this quickly and efficiently.

Perhaps the most powerful tool you could use is social media. These days almost everyone has a Facebook account, most of us use Twitter and many of us can be found on Google+ on a regular basis. The sensible thing to do is post on our favourite social media sites the fact that we have a blog and that we have just posted some exciting content along with the recommendation that your followers take a look at it. And because you are using these sites anyway it does not take up any more of your time either!

Another simple idea is to send out an e-mail. As an Internet marketer you should (or should I say must) be growing a list of e-mail addresses. In fact if you have your blog set up correctly you should have an opt in on it as well. So when you write your post send out an e-mail as well as to your social media sites. The autoresponder I use allows me to connect both Facebook and Twitter to any e-mail I send and thereby allow me to send the e-mail as well as post to Facebook and Twitter without any additional effort from me!

Don’t forget forums. Most marketers will be regular visitors at various forums. While visiting these forums we will leave comments or ask questions. Set up a signature containing a link to your blog post. Simple and effective! In the same way you can perform a little blog hopping. Blog hopping is the process of visiting other blogs in your chosen niche and leaving comments on their posts. Many bloggers use a plugin like CommentLuv which allows you to link to a particular post on your blog but even if they don’t you can leave a link to your website.

Another thought is to use article to promote your blog posts. All you do is write an article on the same topic as your post and in the box underneath the article leave a comment like, “For more information go to …” and include a link to your blog post. Just make sure that you have the link in the bio box and never in the body of the article. This will keep you in the good graces of the article directories. You will be amazed at how effective this technique actually is and just how long a single article can drive traffic to your blog post.

I know this post is shorter than what I normally write but the four techniques that I have shared with you here are very simple and don’t require much explanation at all.  Please feel free to leave a comment (I use CommentLuv so check it out) and to share with your own readers.

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