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This week I want to review a product that has just been released. There are a couple of reasons for wanting to review this particular product. Firstly the creator of this product, Taurean Thurston, has become a friend of mine and I want to support his efforts. The second reason is that I think this is a product well worth looking at because it addresses a subject at the very heart of Internet marketing… list building. There is a third reason that will become apparent in a moment.

As every successful marketer will tell you there is no activity more important to the long term success of your business than building a list of subscribers that you can build a relationship with and sell product to. While it is true that you can buy sales using PPC and the like these methods allow you to sell to a customer once and then you have to go and do it all over again. If you build a list you need only attract the subscriber once and you have the opportunity to sell to them over and again.

Anyway, enough of my raving and let’s take a look at this new product. It is called “The LB Files: Inside the Minds Of The Experts Vol 1” and its Taurean’s first product. He has released it without fanfare and so it is likely to ‘fly under the radar’ somewhat and may well be missed by many affiliates. However that does not mean that it is not worth taking a good look at. In fact I think it is well worth considering.

The LB Files is a series of four audio interviews with an experienced and successful list building expert, each an hour long. I think that Taurean has been very clever in his choice of interviewees in that while each one is successful, and therefore knows what they are talking about, they are also relatively unknown marketers rather than the usual crop of ‘guru’ marketers that might be more household names but also tend to be a lot more intimidating. This selection of marketers are closer to the average marketer and therefore what they have to say is far more credible.

The first interview is with Donald Gavin… yes that is me! When Taurean first approached me and asked if I would consent to being interviewed I have to admit that I was flattered but really thought that because I was not a ‘guru’ I was the wrong person for the honour. However I am a successful list builder and as such I do have the knowledge and skills to help others achieve the same success. So I agreed and, even though I am still not sure about the term expert, found that the experience was a lot of fun as well as finding that I had no difficulty in making meaningful responses to Taurean’s questions. As an aside I found it interesting an interesting experience listening to myself being interviewed. This interview covers the basics of building your list. It covers topics like the importance of list building, the fastest way to get your list started from nothing, common misconceptions about list building and a whole lot more.

The second interview is with Andrew Waring who is a UK based marketer. The interview with Andrew makes use of his strengths, which is in building sales funnels and follow-up e-mails. It covers topics such as why a sales funnel is only as good as the autoresponder sequence that follow it, why building trust with you subscribers is so important (a theme that is constant throughout each of these interviews), techniques for creating a genuine sense of urgency when making a offer to your subscribers, how to effectively use exit splashes and much more besides.

The third interview is with Dr Moses Fraser. This interview considers how to make money from your list. He explains how list building and making money online are twin brothers and how you cannot have one without the other. He also talks about effective lead generation strategies that work without having to spend a lot of your time. There is a lot a great information in this interview including what steps he would take if he found himself in a position of having to start all over again from nothing.

The final interview about engaging your list with Mark Tandan from the US. He considers topics like the key elements needed for a successful e-mail campaign, making occasional surveys of your subscribers to find out what your subscribers actually want, using statistics to determine the success of a campaign and more a lot more besides.

It is a refreshing change from the norm to have experts that are perhaps not as well known as the usual candidates for such a product and that fact that each hails from a very different part of the globe only goes to strengthen the positions each marketer takes. What is interesting is that none of us had any idea who the other marketers Taurean was intending to interview were and yet there is a number of consistent themes that run through the series of interviews.

In addition to the four audio recording, which are downloadable, Taurean has taken the effort to transcribe each one and the transcriptions are available to download as well (in both PDF and .doc formats). The content of all four interviews (and I am trying to be genuinely objective considering my own involvement) is real gold. It is not high powered but down to earth and practical meaning you will be able to apply the techniques and ideas that are mentioned.

This product is most suitable, in my opinion, to those who are just starting out with list building or who are struggling with this most vital part of their business. The tone is certainly not intimidating making the interviews of great value. This is a product that I endorse without hesitation and recommend that you take a look at the sales page (click here).

Please feel free to leave a comment, especially if you do look at “The LB Files: Inside the Minds Of The Experts Vol 1“. Also feel free to share this article with your own subscribers and readers if you think the product would hep them.

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