Back From The Dead

Well not literally. However, to you, my readers and followers, it might well seem that I was gone because I have not posted here for quite some time. The truth is that I allowed myself to get distracted from what I needed to be doing and very quickly that formed itself into a habit… a bad habit. I remember hearing somewhere once that if you do something twelve times that it becomes a habit. What I don’t remember hearing was that the same thing applies to forming bad habits.

So let me apologize and promise to try to reform my old habit of posting every week here on the blog. I am still on my online journey… I never left it. I am seeing more and more success and that success is in part why I have neglected this important part of my online efforts. As you see more success the business makes more demands on you… especially on your time. There is always so much to do and never any more hours in the day than there ever was.

As always it comes down to being organized and religiously sticking to your organization. This was pressed home to me over the past two weeks. I have signed up for an online coaching program to help me in my journey. A significant part of the course involves a weekly live webinar and for the past two weeks the person running the course has had to cancel. The first week was because they were ill and nobody can help that. However the last webinar did not happen because they were simply not organized.

Before you ask who this mysterious person is I will say that I am not going to tell you because it is not relevant to this article. What is relevant is that I (and many others also on the course) were rather annoyed about the cancellations and that got me thinking. Here I am doing exactly the same thing to my own followers and it simply is not good enough.

As a result I have stepped back and taken a good hard look at what I am doing. By doing this I am able to decide what are the priorities in my journey from this point forward and to put in place strategies to enable me to to meet those priorities. I have had to decide what things are important and what things I can let slip if I run out of time.

I have also been actively looking for technologies that can help be automate some of my tasks to a larger or lesser degree in order to make the best use of what time I have available. Sure these technologies all come with a price tag but if it can save me time then I can be more productive with the time that I have available to me.

One of the other tings I have caught myself doing is finding excuses for not doing some of the things I know I really should be doing. Let me give you an example. You may be aware that I am still part-time as an Internet marketer and that I am still a full-time long distance truck driver. Recently a part of the South Island here in New Zealand was hit by a large earthquake that has left a lot of significant damage to our infrastructure meaning much longer driving times to complete that same task. As our trucks have to cross from New Zealand’s North Island to the South Island using a ferry service this additional driving time requirement has meant we have had to make significant changes to the way we do things.

What I found myself doing was using this as an excuse rather than looking at what adjustments I need to make in order to keep being effective. Does this sound like a familiar story to you? Have you ever found yourself doing the same thing? That is why I decided to write this post and share it with you. I am not looking for sympathy for my circumstances. Rather I am sharing my experiences with you so that you might ask yourself if you are doing some of the things that I have found myself doing. Have you developed some bad habits just as I have done?

Let me come back to something I said at the beginning of this rant to close it off. I remember hearing somewhere once that if you do something twelve times that it becomes a habit. Yes it is true that this applies to bad habits but it is equally true that it applies to forming good habits as well… perhaps there is hope for all of us yet.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments. Am I the only one guilty of allowing bad habits to form or do you have a similar story to tell. Feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts with all of us.

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