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Last week I wrote about and demonstrated using audio as a product or content creation idea. This week I want to take that idea one step further and talk about using video for content or product creation. As I did last week I will create a demonstration video and post it into this article to show that creating video is not a difficult task either. And just like the previous aricle the content in the video itself is well worth watching as well. It will be like having two posts in one.

Like I did last week I want to show you how you can produce a perfectly acceptable video without it costing a lot of money because that is one of the great myths that surround video production. It does not have to cost a lot, at least to get started… but more on that soon.

I have created the video as a narrated slideshow presentation using Impress, which is a part of is a free office suite, which includes a word processor, spreadsheet, database and slideshow components among others, and is available for Windows based computers as well as Apple machines. I used the very same microphone I used last week to record the audio.

To record the screen I used Camtasia Studio. Now I know that you are going to jump on me immediately and tell me that Camtasia Studio costs $US299 and accuse me of not doing this for no cost. Let me redeem myself here by telling you that you can download a 30-day free trial of Camtasia Studio. The free trial is a fully functional version of the software with no restrictions whatsoever. (I recently came across this interesting post on Torsten Müller’s blog called 3 Free Alternatives To Camtasia Studio… you might want to check it out).

If you are going to be creating a video-based product you should be able to prepare everything before you download the trial and have your product created before the trial expires. Once your product is ready and producing sales then you can purchase a license for Camtasia Studio… effectively costing you nothing!

If you are an Apple user I would not recommend using Camtasia Studio for Mac as the product is rather poor by comparison to the Windows version. For Apple I recommend using Screenflow. Screenflow costs $US99 but again there is a fully functional trial available.

As I did last week I made the recording after writing a script. Before recording I checked that everything was working fine with the video and audio components of the presentation. I did this by making a short recording and playing it back. Once I was happy that everything was working to my satisfaction I recorded the presentation itself… and here it is!

Once the video was produced I uploaded it to my blog and used the standard WordPress embedded video player so no cost was involved there. In fact, the only cost involved in creating this video was the intro and outro (I used the same video clip). I purchased this some time ago from a gig on for a different project. It was not really needed for this video but I thought I would give you some idea of what could be done with very little cost and even less effort. So the total cost of producing this video was $5 for the intro/outro file, which, of course, I can use over and over again. If you think this through you could create a series of videos, all with a fantastic looking intro on every one of them… all for $5!

The script I used for this video is also available for you so you can download it and see exactly how I put the whole thing together. To grab the script simply click here. The information I used in the script came from a three PLR articles that I had on my hard drive so this small project also goes to illustrate just how you can re-purpose material that you already have and produce something new and completely different. It fact it is so different that you would not even recognise if you were to compare it to the original.

To give you an idea how long this presentation took to create let me give you the time for each of the components. The script and the slideshow took about 40 minutes to research and put together. To set up my recording equipment and test that everything was working took 3 minutes. The recording itself took just over 13 minutes and the editing took me another 14 minutes. So all up it took me 1 hour and 10 minutes with a further 13 minutes for Camtasia Studio to render and produce the final video. Camtasia Studio did all the rendering work while I went off and had a congratulatory cup of coffee!

I hope that you have found the information and the demonstrations I have put together over the past couple of posts helpful and inspirational. In fact, I truly hope that it inspires you to having a go at producing some audio and/or video content for yourself. When you do leave a comment with a link to your content here so that all my readers can share in your achievements.

Please feel free to leave a comment whether you actually produce anything or not as I would love to hear from you. As always please share this with your own readership as I am sure it will be helpful to them as well.

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