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A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about creating your own product. Unfortunately that was the post I lost as a result of the website being hacked (thankfully it was the only one I lost). However, it did produce a comment from a regular reader who suggested that creating your own product could possibly be a difficult thing to do. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

As a result of that comment I thought that I would demonstrate how easy it could be. What I am going to do is create a short audio presentation. I will be creating it using Audacity (Audacity is a free, easy-to-use,  audio editor and recorder for Windows or Mac OS X) and then I will post it into this post… an instant product.

So here is the audio I created. After you have had a listen I will tell you what I did to create it to show how simple it is to actually create something you can call your own.

The process I followed to create this demonstration audio was as follows. The first thing I did was to write down the main points that I wanted to make in the presentation. I did not write a full script as it would sound too much as if I was reading it and so only wrote down the basic points. This allows me to keep on track.

audacityThe next thing I did was start up Audacity and test that everything was working correctly by making a short test recording. Once I was happy that everything was functioning as it should I checked that my cellphone was in silent and that the telephone was turned off as well. I did not want to have any unexpected surprises.

And then I recorded the presentation. I did make a couple of errors so I clapped my hands as I spoke about in the demonstration to allow me to identify where they were later so as to be able to cut them out.

After recording I saved the project before I started editing and then set about removing the errors I had made. Once that was done I was able to save the file as an MP3 file and uploaded it to the blog. The entire process took 12 minutes!

So as you can see audio is a quick and easy product creation idea. The process of creating video presentations is not that much more difficult either so let me encourage you to have a try… I think you might be quite surprised how easy it really is. By the way if you did not listen to the content I created I suggest you do because there are some great tips included in it.

I would love to hear your thoughts or experiences so please do leave a comment. Perhaps you have a specific question that I have not answered here. If so ask in the comments box because if you want to know others might want to know as well. Please feel free to share this withy your own readers as well.


  • igor Griffiths

    Reply Reply June 18, 2015

    Hello Donald

    Great reminder that often its us that makes solution creation overly complicated.

    Once we have the who, what and why for our solution clearly defined then the actual creation is the easy part.

    However of course that is easier said than done as the urge to start creating before we clearly define answers to those 3 questions leads to confusion and frustration as we struggle to identify why and who we are struggling for.

    igor Griffiths
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    • Donald Gavin

      Reply Reply June 18, 2015

      Hi Igor,

      You are right when you talk about the who, what and why but the actual creation really is the easy part. I think that so many people get stuck on the idea that they simply can’t create a product and give up right there are then… and that’s a sad thing because the chances are they probably have something useful to offer.

      Thanks for dropping by,


  • Torsten Mueller

    Reply Reply June 23, 2015

    Hi Donald,

    I agree with you, creating a product is easier than it might look like. We have all the tools at hand that are needed, whether it’s an audio product like you describe above, a PDF document or a video product. And most of the required tools are even available for free.

    It’s the planning of a product that makes it more difficult. As igor said above, the who, what and why.

    Without having a satisfying answer to these questions the created product might become a shelf warmer, hence not even worth to create.

    However, creating an audio with audacity works brilliant and as you said video isn’t much more difficult. You could use the recorded MP3, import it into a video editor and just add images or presentation slides to it.

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    • Donald Gavin

      Reply Reply June 24, 2015

      Hi Torsten,

      You are quite right when you say that the planning of the product is the more difficult component when it comes to product creation. But when all is said and done even that is not really that difficult. It is simply a matter of finding what it is that people want and giving it to them. We used to have a saying back in the days when I was selling major home applinaces, “Give the lady what she wants”. It’s still true… and probably always will be.

      To find what ‘the lady’ wants is a matter of asking her (maybe surveys), listening to her (forums, Yahoo answers, etc) and finding out what she already buys (checking out what’s selling in the marketplace already). I agree it is a vital first step but it certainly does not take the goal of creating a useful product beyond the reach of anyone who wants to create their own.



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