6 Easy Ways To Get More Subscribers For Your E-mail List

It is vital for every online business to have a growing e-mail list. A simple statement but nonetheless true. Your e-mail list, or simply your list, provides the contacts for you to promote your products and services to. I have seen other models for earning an online income but marketing to your list is by far the most common and the easiest way to make money… as well as the most lucrative.

With that in mind let me give you six easy ways to get more subscribers onto your e-mail list. This is by no means an exhaustive list but certainly is a great place to start.

Tip 1 – Include an Opt-In Form

Most online businesses have a blog as the heart of the business. It is a focal point for the business and a very easy way for people to find you and interact with you. There are many reasons for having a blog and it would take a post dedicated to that subject to do justice to it. Suffice it to say if you do not have a blog then you should… period!

There are a number of components that are standard to a blog and one of the most important is an opt-in form. Imagine a reader somehow finds your blog and reads a few posts. As a result they think to themselves, “I like the way this person writes” or “I love the content here”. The very next thing that they will do is look for some way of ensuring they don’t miss out on any new material you post. That way is the opt-in form.

Does an opt-in form really work? Absoulutely! I get multiple sign-ups every week from the opt-in form at the top of my blog. It costs me nothing and I have to put in zero effort. Frankly I would be stupid not to have an opt-in form.

To get the best out of an opt-in form you should offer a free gift as a further inducement. If you have nothing suitable why not re-work a PLR product, throw a few affiliate offers into it and use that? There are several posts here on the blog that can help you with this process.

Keep your opt-in form simple. I only ever ask for a first name (so I can address any e-mail communications to the person by name) and, obviously, an e-mail address. Asking for any more often seems too invasive or too much effort to go through and the information is quite useless to you anyway.

Tip 2 – Use Blog Posts As Lead Magnets

Driving traffic to each new blog post is an effective way to get new leads onto your list. Here’s how I make use of this technique. I put the bulk of my efforts into creating helpful and valuable content as I write the post. In other words, I make it a post worth taking a look at.

Once the post is written and published I send and e-mail to my list and invite the recipients to share the e-mail with their contacts… after all, they have contact with people I do not. I also post updates to Twitter, Facebook and Google+. If you are users of any additional social media then you would use them too. I love Twitter especially for this as people are only too willing to retweet if you ask.

Now the fact that I have written a new blog post has been broadcast to literally thousands of people… most of whom I have no contact with and, otherwise, probably never would have either. Some of those will visit the post (it’s just a numbers game after all) and my opt-in form is always waiting!

Another useful tactic you might employ is to comment on other blogs in your niche that use the CommentLuv plugin. They are easy to find. Just Google “commentluv enabled blogs” and you will find lists of hundreds of them. CommentLuv allows you to show a recent blog post of your own and link to it. So if a reader is on another blog and interested in a specific topic they are able to see what you have to say on the topic (assuming you have a post on the topic already) by clicking on your link… and as I say, the opt-in form is waiting.

Tip 3 – Position “Sign up” Buttons

There are simple instructions on generating effective Sign Up buttons on Facebook or other social media networks that will allow you to direct web consumer behavior. A Sign Up button is a simple but effective tool you can put to work for you as many would people will automatically take the hint and -well, sign up!

Tip 4 – Effective Pop-Ups

Although many web site visitors may not be favorable to pop-ups on the screen most of the time, pop-ups do have their place when used strategically. You might notice that I have a pop-up that appears periodically on this site… it does not show up all the time and so does not aggravate my visitors.

A quick exit pop-up on a squeeze page may draw a site visitor’s attention to the promotion and stir up curiosity. Greater interest equates to a stronger desire to check out more. Conversion rates have been demonstrated to improve significantly through the strategic use of pop-ups. WordPress offers a host of free pop-up plug-ins that can downloaded and put to use. A final thought on exit pops for those who are not convinced… what have you got to lose, the visitor was leaving anyway!

Tip 5 – Simplified Website Design

A neat and well-structured website is pleasing to the eye. It encourages the visitor to stay longer and they will likely explore further. This is another example of the old maxim, “Less is more”. When your visitors are able to find what they want easily and quickly they would not hesitate to come back again.

With that in mind let me outline some of the components that will help facilitate a simple design and help build the all-important list. First and foremost is the opt-in form I have already mentioned. It should be ideally placed at the top and on the right hand side of the page… and it should be on every page.

Other features that will help with good website design are the use of categories for your posts and a search function. If a visitor is interested in a specific topic then the information is easy to find with these functions. I also recommend the use of buttons allowing the visitor to link with you on your social media accounts and an RSS feed as well. Make it easy for the visitor to stay in touch with you.

If you are going to have any advertising on the site then I strongly recommend that it is located below the deck. The deck is the portion of the site that is visible when it first loads in the visitor’s web browser.

Tip 6 – Provide Relevant Content

I have said it often and I will say it again here and now, “Content is King” in any online business. Consumers trust what they search and find on the Internet to make important purchasing decisions. If that is true then it is crucial for marketers to provide relevant content which has value and usefulness to their targeted niche audiences.

Useful and relevant content builds trust with the marketer and as a result when the marketer makes a suggestion many of their followers will take that action because of the trust they have in the marketer. There are any number of actions that a marketer might suggest but one of them certainly would be to “Sign up to My List/Newsletter”.


It has been said that “the money is in the list” and that is quite true. It is equally true that without a list there simply is no money so every marketer needs to be about the task of building their list from day one… and the task never ends! Here I have given you six easy to implement strategies that will help you get started. As I said at the beginning of this article the list is by no means exhaustive but it is a great place to start.

Do you have any simple list building strategies that you are willing to share? If so leave a comment (please note that this site is a CommentLuv enabled site so you know what that means for you!). If you have found this useful please share it with your followers… there are simple social media buttons  on the left and on the bottom of this post. So you will notice I am practicing what I preach.

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