5 Steps To Producing A Superior Article

There is no doubt that the market comes to life when a marketing strategy goes viral. In fact having an article or an advert go viral is the dream of every marketer and there is no doubting the fact that it is a great achievement for any marketer to be successful in bringing in multiple tweets, pins and sharing with a single post.

There is instant recognition and a lot of respect in the market when a good piece of content or an advert goes viral. The doors of opportunities open up bringing in more visitors to the website with the potential for more sales and even joint venture possibilities.

Creating a piece of content that has the potential to go viral is not an impossible dream. It is a matter of putting in place the appropriate strategies in the first instance. Viral success is not an accident. Here is a step by step process that might help you generate content that may go viral.

Step 1 – Creating Dynamic Content

Trust me when I tell you that it is not just any content that can go viral. Let’s use an imaginary article as a point of focus for this post. To create an article with the potential to go viral you need to create something that is quite impressive in both its content and its presentation… and that takes effort and attention to detail.

So what is it about an article that makes it impressive? Obviously it needs to be a high quality article be begin with. High quality in the context of this discussion is something that adds significant value to the reader rather than just ensuring the use of good grammar and the appropriate use of vocabulary. Obviously these help significantly but as in all things, content is king!

Ask yourself the question, “What’s in it for the reader?” If your content is well researched, accurate and well presented then you are giving your readers something to leverage against and something that they can use in their own journey to success. The content should be fresh and by that I mean not a rehash of some other content you stumbled across that you thought might be mildly interesting for your readers. While it is true that there is really very little that is truly new and groundbreaking, there is no reason for not injecting yourself fully into the content and expressing it in your own terms. What you are looking to do is create an impact that is so intense that you have in fact created an unpaid ambassador for your brand.

Step 2 – Length Of Your Article

Once you have a well written article it is not time to pay attention to its presentation and the first consideration is to ensure that your article is appropriate in length. Too long and your article will prove a challenge getting your readers to stay focused on your message. People are busy and simply will not spend a lot of time reading a long article… there is always something more to move on to.

Make your article too short and you simply will not get your message across and that means that your readers will not take the action you want them to take. The article gets forgotten and the reader simply moves on to the next thing on their to do list.

So, what is the perfect length? The answer is not a simple word count. A great article must be long enough to contain all the relevant and important details without leaving anything out nor adding irrelevant ‘fluff’ just to fill up some space.

Step 3 – Make Sure Of A Good Flow

Having constructed an article of an appropriate length it is not time to look at how it flows. As you lead your reader through your article your ideas and thoughts should be presented in a logical and natural flow rather than jumping from one idea to another and then back again because your forgot to mention some detail in your first bite at things. You want to capture and hold the reader’s attention from start to the end.

A thoughtful flow of contents from paragraph to paragraph ensures a good understanding and helps your readers make a conclusive decision at the end. This means that you need to edit your article and move things around to achieve the best flow. A small tip here that might help. Leave yourself plenty of time between writing that content and having to publish it. In this way you can set it aside and come back to it at a later time, perhaps a day or so after writing it, and see it with a fresh set of eyes

Step 4 – Superior Quality

What I am suggesting here is that you continue your editing process to considering more than just the flow within the article to include everything about its presentation. Look at the very words you are using. Is there a better word? Do you make too much use of a particular word or phrase? Is there a better word (or phrase) you could be using? Another tip for you – make use of a thesaurus or dictionary… there are some good ones online and they don’t cost anything to use.

You might also want to seriously consider using subtitles in your article to help break things up a bit. Subtitles help create what is called white space which stops your article appearing as a solid block of text and makes it seem less of a task to consume. They have the added benefit of allowing a reader to glance through an article and decide that it is something they want to spend time reading without having to consume then entire article first.

In a similar way you could make use of italics, bold or even underlining to help present a more visually appealing article. If appropriate illustrations or pictures will help break things up and make your article more visually appealing. Even the use of hyperlinks can help as they will show in a different colour.

Including such things as statistics or links to appropriate supporting websites will add to the quality of your finished article. As a small tip here, always make sure any hyperlinks you insert open in a new tab so your reader can visit the link and not lose their place in the article.

All these small touches do add time to the development of your article but they also ensure a vastly superior finished product. As such they are well worth spending a little time putting in place and you should see the rewards once it is published.

Step 5 – Add On Additional Tools

I touched on this a little in the previous section but let me expand a little. By providing links to statistics, supporting resource documents of other tools adds significantly to the value of the finished article to your reader. Of course, this is not always appropriate or relevant but where it is do make use of this strategy.

A very easy tool to add to any article, especially one you would like to go viral, is easy access to social media. If you look to the right of this post you will see that you have the option of sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. This makes it a seamless task requiring no real effort on the part of your reader to share your article and help it go viral. Why not try it now… click on one of the social media buttons and share this post now. That was easy wasn’t it?

Don’t forget comments if you are posting to a blog. Comments allow a reader to leave a link to a website and your article gets a link which helps make the search engines happy… always a good thing. I don’t write for the search engines (I write for my readers) but any links I can get are always welcome!


So there you have my formula for creating superior articles. When I write I follow these steps and I don’t concern myself with the following steps until I have completed the current one. This allows me to concentrate on writing my content before I concern myself with the length or the presentation of it. In that way I can write the best content that I can. Then I move on and can fully concentrate on each of the subsequent steps knowing that the previous step has been completed.

By creating any piece of content that is superior to most else that is available you give yourself every chance of having it go viral. Even if it does not you have still provided the very best content you can create for your readers and they will always appreciate that.

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