5 Steps To Building An e-Mail List

There is no question that e-mail marketing is still as strong today as it ever has been. It is still a favoured method used by most marketers to make money on a consistant and regular basis. Yes, it is true that there are challenges in the way of any marketer and more especially new marketers. It can be difficult to secure the e-mail addresses of potential customers who are ever more wary of e-mail scams and some of the hard sell methods used by some marketers.

However the marketer who approaches their targeted market carefully and in a respectful manner will find success with a little persistance and adherence to some basic principles such as making sure that they first have permission to actually send e-mails in the first place. I am of the opinion that there are several steps to building a strong and responsive list of prospects which can generate a good income and building a successful online business… and I am of the opinion that they are not specific to any specific niche. Let me outline a five step process that I believe will help you get started with your e-mail marketing efforts.

Choosing The Right Niche

I know I have just said that these five steps are not specific to any particular niche but you do need to select a niche where the target audience are actually prepared to spend money. There are niches (or segments of the market) that have a lot of people interested in the topic but that does not necessarily mean that they are prepared to actually spend any money on this interest. Therefore, the very first thing you need to do is be sure that this does not apply to the niche that you are considering pitching your marketing efforts to.

There are all manner of opinions and methods for doing this but I think it is a very simple thing to do. Many marketers will suggest searching out keywords and similar methods but I think that the process does not need to be that complicated. I suggest that you go to where digital products are sold and see if anyone is actually selling anything in the niche.

I would most definitely start with Clickbank. The Clickbank marketplace has many different niches and is therefore a great place to start. Once you have arrived at the marketplace search for products in your niche by using the niche selection on the left hand side of the web page. Then you sort the results you find by gravity and look at the results. What you are looking for is to find a number of products with a gravity of more than about 5. This means that the owners of these products are making sales and therefore they are making money. If there are no products that meet this criteria then you might want to find a different niche.

Let me make a small comment here about the fact that there are already products available in your chosen niche. Many marketers will want to create their own product or products in their chosen niche, which is an aim I strongly support. Don’t be put off by the fact that there are already marketers with offerings in your niche. Competition is the very thing you are looking for in the market because competition indicates that the target audience is willing to spend money.

Consider for a moment physical businesses such as fast food outlets or car yards as an example. It is quite normal to see them congregated in the same area, often in adjacent premises to one another. This is not a zoning thing instigated by any local authority as much as it is a desire for these types of businesses to ‘feed’ off one another. It means a prospective customer can go the a specific area and have a choice of several car yards to make a selection from or, in the case of fast food outlets, the ability to find something to eat that will suit everyone. What I am saying is that competition is a good thing!

Find Or Create Something To Give Away For Free

Having made your choice of a suitable niche to operate in it is time to take the next step in the process. That step is to find something you can give away to your prospects, a lure to attract them if you will. There are any number of ways of doing this but the very best is to create something yourself because you can be absolutely sure that it will be unique.

It is important that you stand out from the crowd. I have just finished saying that competition is a good thing but you also need to be different from them as well. Think about those fast food outlets we spoke about a moment ago. Standing on the street looking at the options available to you allows you to make a choice based on your preferences. McDonald’s is quite different from KFC and Subway offers something else again.

If you feel you are not able to create something to give away then the next best thing is to use PLR. If you are a regular reader of this blog you know I like using Private Label Rights material and if you want to know more about how to use it then just select PLR on the sidebar to the right of this article and check it out. Just make sure you make it unique so that you are different from everybody else.

As a very last resort you could use something that you have giveaway rights to but you need to be aware that using this type of product may reduce the number of prospects who you will attract because the chances are that many will have already seen your offering and will not be interested.

What you can offer as a free giveaway is limited only by your imagination. A written report or e-book is the most common thing people offer but audio interviews with known personalities in your niche or video clips showing how to do something are easy to put together as well.

Build A Squeeze Page

Now before you panic and try to convince yourself that you simply cannot cope with all that techie stuff let me tell you that there are a number of ways that you can achieve this lofty goal. Before I give you some ideas I just want to tell you that it is not as hard as you might think. In today’s world of WISIWYG HTML editors (many of which are free) and WordPress addons such as Optimize Press and the like knowing how to write HTML is a thing of the past. Knowing a little of the basics certainly will be useful but by no means essential.

So, having got that out of the way let’s examine some of the options you could explore to create your squeeze page. The first is to build it yourself and there are several options you might consider here. You might consider using The likes of Optimize Press, Landing Page Monkey or any one of a number of similar products out there. Some are stand alone while others are WordPress themes and Plugins but they all make the job very easy.

You could, of course, build your own from scratch using an HTML editor or you could alter/change/adapt and existing page from a template you have the rights to use (for example a template you purchased or a PLR page you have gathering dust on your hard drive). If all else fails you could head online and find somebody to do the job for you using sites like fiverr.com, freelancer.com or head over to the Warrior Forum and check out the Warriors For Hire.

Add In Some Autoresponder Magic

Now comes the part that makes this whole process work on autopilot… your autoresponder. An autoresponder will do a number of things for you and this is one of those areas in your business that you should not skimp on. I use Aweber because they are the best. Sure there are cheaper options out there but I have never had an issue with Aweber and their service is work every cent I spend (it isn’t that expensive anyway).

Your autoresponder will allow you to create an opt-in form to go on your squeeze page and will then automatically collect and store the e-mail addresses you capture from your squeeze page. In addition it will automatically send out a series of e-mails that you create (or have created) at intervals that you determine. The service will also allow you to send out ‘broadcast’ e-mails to a part or all of your list when you are promoting a special launch or are involved in a similar event.

You can set up your autoresponder to deliver e-mails that introduce you and your services, e-mails that promote your own or affiliate offers, to deliver regular training or a newsletter. The options are limited only by your imagination.

Drive Some Traffic

Driving traffic or attracting visitors to your web sites and squeeze page is obviously a vital component of this entire process. However, many marketers who are still honing their skills try to start the process here. Please note that I think it is the very last part of this process. If you have nothing to send traffic to (ie a squeeze page) then why would you be interested in driving traffic in the first place. Take some pressure of yourself and deal with one thing at a time… you will find that things are easier that way and they tend to take care of themselves to a large degree!

So, having got that little rant off my chest let’s address the issue of just how do you drive traffic to your newly created squeeze page? In reality there are so many ways to drive traffic that you could write a book about it… in fact several books. There are traffic sources that will cost you nothing and there are those that will cost money. Which is best is an everlasting argument and the reality is that I use both.

So rather than detailing what I think are the best traffic sources let me offer a free book that I use as one of my free offers on one of my squeeze pages. I could tell you all about the traffic sources that I use but they may not work as well for you or your niche. The trick is to find something that does work for you and just keep using it. Add other techniques as you need or want to but if something works for you then keep using it. If something does not work for you then it is a simple matter of moving on to the next technique.

Beginners Guide To Targeted Traffic

Click To Get Your Copy For Free

Here is the link to the free offer I was talking about just a moment ago. Yes it is one of my squeeze pages and you will have to sign up to my mailing list to get it but that is what this article is all about, isn’t it?

The Beginners Guide To Targeted Traffic


There is no question that you need to be building a list that you can sent e-mails out to. That is Internet marketing at its most simple. If you have nobody you can sent your offers to then you don’t have a business. The good news is that the process I have outlined in this article is the self same process you would use to market your own product… just substitute ‘product to give away’ for ‘product’ and ‘squeeze page’ for ‘sales page’. In essence this is what Internet marketing is… put up an offer and sent traffic to it! You don’t need fancy programs. It is a simple matter of doing the basics.

It is possible that you might want to add a final step to the process… having done it once then go and do it again. In fact do it as many times as it takes to get you to where you want to be. As my mentor puts it… rinse and repeat!

Please do leave your comments and, as always, feel free to share this article as you see fit… and don’t forget to pick up your copy of The Beginners Guide To Targeted Traffic.

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