3 Big Mistakes People Make When Using PLR

If you have been a visiting this blog for any length of time you will know that I am a fan of Private Label Rights (PLR) material. There are some real advantages if you use the material in the right way but it will work against you if you don’t. Again, regular readers will know that I am a part-time Internet marketer and a full-time long distance truck driver. I drive a set run that ensures that I am back home every night but I still work long hours. This means that by the time I spend time with my wife and family and get enough sleep to make sure that I am safe on the roads the following day there is only a small amount of time left available for my marketing activities.

I don’t mention this for you to feel sorry for me or anything like that but rather to set the scene somewhat so you might understand some of the reasons I look for ways to save some time. I drive trucks because I love it and enjoy the open road. I am aware that I am not getting any younger and that my days behind the wheel may be fewer ahead than are behind and so Internet marketing is important to my future.

Private Label Rights material is one such shortcut that I make use of. Perhaps the biggest benefit that PLR offers is the fact that much of the research has been done for you when it comes to content creation. As Internet marketers we all know that content is king. We write blog posts and articles. We create reports to give away and full products to sell. We post regularly on Facebook, Twitter and as many other social network platforms we can cope with. We make videos and build training courses. We run webinars and we… well you get the picture. My point is that all of this needs good quality content and that it has to come from somewhere.

I know that many of my readers are in the exact same situation as I am in. We hold down a full time job and have to find the time to build our online business. Of course we can burn the candle at both ends a little but there are limits. What we have to do is find ways of working smarter rather than harder. We are all looking for ways to get the most out of the time we have available to us. This is the reason I use PLR… it saves me a lot of time!

As I mentioned right at the start there are most definitely right and wrong ways of using PLR. In this article I want to discuss the three biggest mistakes people make when using PLR material. I figure that if I help you by identifying the biggest mistakes then you can confidently use private label content with confidence, know that you won’t disadvantage yourself or your business.

Mistake Number 1: Not Using PLR Content

The biggest mistake of them all is buying PLR material and not using it. We have all done it but that does make it right. If you have no immediate use for it then don’t buy it. If you do buy it and have no immediate plans for it then here’s what will happen. You will store it on your hard drive promising yourself that you will come back to it at some undefined point in the future… and you never will. If you don’t believe me then I suggest you have a look at your hard drive and see all that material you have collected and check out the dates you collected it. The results of that small exercise might surprise you.

When you download your new PLR material I suggest you read through it (or watch it or listen to it depending on the format) and take notes of any ideas that spring to mind as to how you might use the material. You might decide that you will convert a series of PLR articles into videos and post then to YouTube. Perhaps you have an e-book that would lend itself to being turned into a training course. It does not matter as long as you have a plan for it and how you are going to use it.

The next thing I would do is start the process of making the PLR yours. If you don’t have time right now then I suggest that you get out your calendar and schedule when it will get done… and stick to the plan. If you don’t then I can promise you that nothing will happen!

Mistake Number 2: Not Changing The Content

This leads me to my next point. The second biggest mistake that people make when using PLR is not changing it. Let’s assume that you are a regular reader of my blog posts. If that is true than you know my writing style and the way that I express myself. In other words you know my ‘voice’. If you were to buy a product that I claim to have written and it did not sound like me then you know that I did not, in fact, produce it… and you would be disappointed.

However, it is actually worse than that. ‘My’ product would be exactly the same as several other marketers you might follow as well. I would have the same graphics and the same text… even the same sales page! The original content creator will obviously sell more that just one copy of the original content or they would not be making money. I am sure that you would be more than disappointed if my offerings were identical to other marketers (or worse – you had bought the PLR material yourself!. I would have let you down by insulting your intelligence.

On the other hand, by way of contrast, if I take the time to change the ‘voice’ so the product reflects my own, if I take the time to update, edit and add to (even subtract from) the content and if I make the effort to make the final product useful to my followers that fact that it found its roots in PLR material is not relevant. My reputation is intact and my followers are satisfied. I may even go so far as to change the format of the original content so an e-book becomes a series of videos, for example.

Mistake Number 3: Not Using PLR Material At All

I probably should have made this the first point but by not using PLR material you just make things harder for yourself. Many content creators get themselves all twisted up over the thought of using PLR content. They will tell you that it is just rubbish… and sometimes that’s true, just as it is with content completely produced by the creator. They will tell you that it is cheating but will then go and research the same information from some other source, which may have been created from PLR material in the first place. Even more hypocritically they may go and have the content created for them by a freelancer, making it almost PLR by another name!

The point I am trying to make is that PLR is not the answer to all your content creation needs but it is a tool in your arsenal. Some of my blog posts here have been developed from PLR material but they have always been expanded on to meet the needs of my readers. I don’t take an article and just publish it but the original PLR definitely helps me produce that post faster and I always make sure that the quality does not suffer. Other posts, like this one, are written without the help of any PLR at all. However they are produced, all my posts say what I want them to say. They all reflect my thoughts and understanding and they are all in my voice. The fact that PLR may have helped shape the post does not diminish its value or its worth.

The same is true of reports that I create as offerings for my list building. They may or may not contain PLR content but the content is still good content that is accurate and relevant. I am in the process of developing my first product for sale. Some of my research has come from PLR material. However the final product will not resemble any of it and will be the very best value that I can make it.

To be so uncompromising in your approach to PLR as to never use it is, to my mind, just plain silly. Used properly PLR is not a lazy man’s approach to content creation as there is still a lot of work to do. However, private label content does allow the user to save a significant amount of valuable time and therefore do a better job of looking after their followers.

Have a look at a couple of posts I wrote some time ago to see some examples of how you could quickly and easily produce content that is unique to you, in your own style using PLR material as a source.(these links open in a new tab)

A Simple Product Idea

Another Product Creation Idea

Let me know what you think. Leave a comment and feel free to share this post. For other posts I have written about PLR you can click here to find them.


  • Mozie

    Reply Reply July 1, 2019

    Hi Donald. I agree with you fully. These mistakes are very common for most people using PLR. To be truly successful with PLR content, it needs to be rebrand and edited with your insights. Making it more unique by adding branded images and even videos can help a lot too.
    Mozie recently posted…How to Use PLR Articles Effectively for Business GrowthMy Profile

    • Donald Gavin

      Reply Reply July 2, 2019

      Hi Mozie,
      Thanks for commenting and you are right… the more you can do the rebrand the product and ‘make it yours’ the better otherwise it is nothing different from what everyone else is doing. The images and videos is a great idea.

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