10 Tips For Online Success In 2017

There is no question that it is easier than ever before to set up and operate an online business. There are more resources at your disposal than ever before. There are autoresponders, tracking tools, advertising opportunities, access to affordable hosting to name just a few of them.

I thought I would do something a little different in this article and present some very practical tips that will help you succeed in your online efforts. I have given this the title “10 Tips For Online Success in 2017” but the reality is that these tips are not just confined to 2017… they are evergreen!

1 – Identify The Right Business For You

There are so many different opportunities open to you that you don’t have to follow the rest of the herd into the latest trend. Just because it seems that everyone else is doing whatever it is trending does not mean it is automatically a good fit for you. Look instead to your passion, skills and knowledge instead. If you do what you are passionate about you give yourself a far better chance of success and will certainly maintain a better place inside your own head.

2 – Be Creative

Make your business unique. Obviously there are established techniques and methods that work and that you should employ but there is also plenty of room for you to be creative. By being creative you invest yourself in your business and when all is said and done you are the main point of difference in your business.For example, you might use a blog at the centre of your business as I, and literally thousands of other marketers, do. It makes sense as it works and you obviously should do what works. However, don’t try to write like me because you are not me. Write, instead, like you… just be the very best you that you can be!

3 – Identify A Specific Work Space

I realise that this may be something of a challenge, especially when you are getting started but you should establish a space that you can set aside for your business. This engenders a sense of ‘being at work’ and therefore a sense of discipline and commitment to your online business. The space you have available may be small, even less than ideal, but by dedicating it to your business allows you to focus better and to separate your home and work spaces.

4 – Employ Good Time Management

Most of us start out as part time marketers and full time employees somewhere else. I am still juggling the two. So time is always short and there is always more than enough to do. Therefore, you need to make sure that you make the very best use of the time that is available to you. There are tools aplenty that can help you organise your time. There are calendars and scheduling tools, as an example. They can help you be more efficient and therefore effective. Set up a system of time management… and stick to it!

5 – Plan Exercise And Relaxation

I am sure you have heard the old proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. It’s true. Your productivity decreases when you do not stay healthy and alert. So, as part of your daily routine, set aside some time to include exercise and play besides work… you’ll get more done!

6 – Eat Well

You and I are not machines. We can’t simply keep going. A good diet with healthy meals is essential to keep healthy and energized. Perhaps another old proverb here might illustrate my point. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Snacking is no substitute for a good, healthy diet and that comes down to good time management and planning time for exercise and relaxation.

How about some tips for your business itself?

7 – Invest In The Best Internet Connection You Can

Without an Internet connection you don’t have an online business… that much is obvious. The faster and more reliable your connection is the more productive you will be. Less time waiting is more time available for other things. I don’t care what anybody says, to operate any online business there are things you have to invest in and a fast and reliable Internet connection is one of them!

8 – Managing e-Mail and Social Media

There is no question that e-mail and social media are essential components of an online business… but they are only components! You have to know where to draw the line and get on to something else that is also important to your business. The same can be said for any part of your business that might grab more than its share of your time. Again it comes down to time management and when time’s up it’s up!

9 – Don’t Give Up

There are times when you will feel like giving up. You will find plenty of criticism around you from people who don’t understand what you are trying to do. Find some like-minded people to support you. Join a Facebook group or a forum and let them counter the criticism with a little encouragement.

10 –  Know When To Call It Quits

There is a flip side to what I have just said and that is to know when to quit. Not everything you do will succeed… that’s just the way life is. Having given something your best shot and it still does not work for you then it is time to breath a heavy sigh and move on.


There are always risks and challenges when it comes to running any business and online businesses are no exception. There are literally thousands of resources available to the online entrepreneur with more available every day. However all the resources in the world won’t help you if you fail to observe the basics. I hope that with this article I have provided you with some very simple but powerful tips to help you establish a good foundation.

I have several more tips that I will share in my next post but until then please feel free to leave a comment and to share this with your own followers.

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