10 More Tips For Online Success In 2017

Last week I set out 10 Tips For Online Success In 2017. I had a whole lot more that I could have added but the post would have been simply too much to swallow all at one time. So here is the continuation with 10 More Tips For Online Success in 2017.

1 – Aim for Long-Term Success

Setting your eyes to long term success will ensure that you are not discouraged by the seeming lack of success in the short term. This is especially true when you are first starting out. In the beginning, as a rule of thumb, most marketers seem to put in efforts that are disproportionate to the results. However, as the business gains momentum, the results begin to come. It is to this end that every marketer should be looking rather than focussing on the sacrifices and the paucity of results generally seen in the early days.

2 – Protect Online Reputation

A good reputation is critical to the success of any online business. The Internet is a big place but it does not take long for word to get around. It does not matter if you are branding your business with a brand name or with your own a poor reputation will kill your business faster than anything else and it is very difficult to recover from. So, my recommendation, then, is to be scrupulous in all your dealings, honest and totally wholesome… squeaky clean as the saying goes.

As you may be aware I am a full-time truck driver when I am not being a part-time Internet marketer. As a driver I protect my drivers license by ensuring I stay on the right side of the law so as to make sure I don’t accumulate demerit points against my license because if I do then, sooner rather than later, I will collect enough to lose my license. Without my license I cannot drive and I cannot earn an income. My driver’s license is to my driving career what my reputation is to my online career!

3 – Stay Alert To Trends In The Market

The market is constantly changing as new technologies emerge and consumer needs change. Any successful marketer needs to stay alert to the flow and ebb of the marketplace and to be ready to adapt their methods and approach to move with the market. It is not the marketer who sets the direction of the market but the consumer. The old saying, “the customer is always right” was never more true.

4 – Constant Promotion

This one might seem obvious but I will mention it anyway. Without constant advertising or driving of consumer traffic to your websites and offers income will quickly dry up and your business become non-existent. A regular question is the question of how to drive traffic. The answer is that there are literally hundreds of ways. Find one or two that work for you and simply keep doing it. If what you are doing does not work for you then stop doing it and find something else that does. Whatever techniques you employ, keep doing it constantly!

5 – Staying Focused

Successful business owners stay focused on every aspect of the business. They do not allow themselves to be distracted by what is going on around them. Sure, the demands of the market may change as I mentioned above and as a result the direction in which the business is moving may need to be adjusted. However, this does not preclude the idea of staying focused on the business, rather it enhances it. It is about ensuring that they are in control of every situation on order to remain relevant and in demand in the market. It takes self-discipline and determination to remain focused.

6 –

The most powerful motivational force you can unleash on your business is your passion for your market. Put bluntly, we each fail or succeed purely on what motivates us. If we are passionate about what we do we will succeed, if we are not failure awaits us. Passion provides us with a strong belief in ourselves and, by association, in our businesses.

7 – Eliminate Things That Block Productivity

In my last post I alluded to this when I warned about becoming caught up in e-mail and social media but there are many other things that can get in the way of productivity. When all is said and done there are only 24 hours in the day and there always seems to be more work to get through than that time would allow. It makes sense, therefore, to remove anything that might get in the way of you being productive. That might mean, for example, that you need to outsource some tasks in order to free up time for others. If you can’t completely eliminate some of these distractions then you need to find ways of reducing their impact at the very least.

8 – Persistency in Business

Success does not come overnight. That is simply reality. Especially when you are starting a business you put in the hours and the effort and often for very little reward at first. This is when we need to be persistent. This is when we need to employ a little tenacity… well, maybe more than a little! Couple persistency with a willingness to learn and you give yourself every opportunity for success.

9 – Resolve Issues

Every business has issues from time to time. Things go wrong, it’s a fact of life. Sometimes, despite all our planning and hard work things happen that are out of our control. Quick resolutions with good solutions are what are required when things “turn to custard”. Trust me, if left to themselves, things will not sort themselves out. If your issues involve your customers then, unless you take positive and immediate action, you stand to lose them and your reputation with them. However, by taking quick and decisive action your customers will appreciate it and, further, your reputation is enhanced.

10 – Organization Of Assets

Every successful business has a clear structure and processes that gives it the needed framework to succeed. This includes things like backups and security of web assets such as websites and their contents, social media profiles and hosting account. Consider what would happen if your hard drive failed right now. Would you still be in business tomorrow? If not then you need to consider how you might better organize your business assets, records and other related materials. If your blog was hacked right now, would it be a major inconvenience or a total disaster?


I started in my last article with the 10 Tips For Online Success In 2017 and in this one I have added another 10. I am sure their are more that we might add. In fact, if you would like to add any why not do so by leaving a comment. I hope that they have been useful to you, perhaps that some may have challenged you and perhaps motivated you to do some things a little better. They are all things that I have learnt, some the hard way, so I hope that you can take something from them and save yourself from having to suffer in some way. Please do share this with your own readers as we all appreciate good advice.

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