Why Blogger’s Need A Mailing List


Let’s make an assumption that you have no plans to monetize your blog at all (though I can’t see why you wouldn’t) and let’s further assume that you have no plans to promote a business with it either. Let me tell you right now that you still need to have a mailing list and the…

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Is Facebook About To Replace The Traditional Blog?


There is an argument that goes “I prefer to use Facebook for my marketing rather than a blog”. It is based on the observation that Facebook users tend to stay online for an average of 20 minutes rather than just flitting from website to website. It also takes into account the fact that there more…

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What My Sporting Career Can Teach Us About Internet Marketing


Back when I was at secondary school I decided that I was going to play a team sport. This was a momentous decision for me because up until that point in my life I had shown no interest in sport of any kind. My preference was to play soccer. I realise that it is called…

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4 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog


If you follow the same path as most successful marketers you will have a blog at the center of your online business. It is part of the ‘system’ that is tried and proven to work so I would expect that you would have a blog. Of course, when you first start out your blog may…

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The Importance Of Keeping On Top Of Things


I have just spent an hour or so tidying up a few things on this site. It is so easy to just ‘let things ride’ rather than keeping on top of small issues as they pop up. I have been very busy lately and that, combined with the fact that my regular schedule has change…

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The Problem With Perfection


Is there such a thing as a problem with perfection? I think that there can be. Let me explain. As product creators our function is to find a problem that people in our niche have and to present a solution to that problem… that’s it! We research our niche by checking out forums, polling our…

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Gravatars -A Useful Tool For Marketers


I had an e-mail from one of my regular followers this past week asking about how to get their photo to show when posting comments on the various blogs that they follow. I am sure that you have seen them before and to get a picture to show automatically every time you post a comment…

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10 Ways To Make Money With PLR Content


You are probably aware that I am a fan of using Private Label Rights (PLR) material in many different aspects of my online marketing. It has a number of advantages including the fact that it reduces the amount of time it takes to create content because much of the research has been done for you…

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Link Cloaking – What Is It And Why Should You Consider It?


Affiliate marketing has become a bigger and bigger subset of the Internet marketing niche over the years… and for good reason. It is a great way to start making money online and, even as a product creator, affiliate marketing is a fantastic method to add significantly to your income. One of the main tools that…

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How To Protect Your WordPress Blog From Spam


If you have a blog then you will attract spam – it’s just a fact of life. The only way to guarantee no spam on your blog is to not allow comments at all but for an Internet marketer comments are a desirable thing. While spam is a major irritant there are some simple things…

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